Odell Beckham Jr. has been rocking with Nike since he burst on the scene in the NFL in 2014, and he'll be sticking with Nike for the foreseeable future. 

Beckham reportedly signed a 5-year $29 million deal with Nike yesterday, the richest shoe deal in NFL history. Furthermore, if certain achievements are reached, the value of the deal could reach as much as $48 million over 8 years.

According to Nick DePaula of NiceKicks, Adidas had made an equally lucrative offer to Beckham but because of a "match clause" in his contract, Nike had 10-days to match and finally made the offer on the tenth day.

The New York Giants' star is one of the most influential players in the NFL today and his sense of style, including his signature hairstyle, draws as much attention from the youth as his eye-catching grabs every week. He currently has over 8 million IG followers, 2.3 twitter followers and another 1.4 million on facebook. Needless to say, Nike made a wise move paying this man his money.

DePaula also noted that Beckham reportedly didn't require a signature cleat as part of the deal, though he emphasized the need to be a "brand icon" for Nike.