During the New England Patriots' 23-3 victory over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, Tom Brady was seen yelling at offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels on the sidelines following an unproductive drive. However, Brady was not criticized for his outburst the way others in the league might have been, such as New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

A fan on twitter pointed out this double standard, and how Odell would've been crushed in the media had he acted the same way Brady did, to which Odell responded, "I learned from him. This is the 🐐. So I’m following his lead, I just may not know how to express it the same way. But don’t get it confused, how 12 feels about the game , I would have a hard time sayin that’s not EXACTLY how I feel. #GoatChasin."

Beckham Jr. followed up his response on twitter with video evidence comparing the similarities between him and Brady, specifically their passionate outbursts over the course of a game.

Check out the footage that Odell shared on his IG account below.