Odell Beckham Jr. thinks the NFL is discriminating against him, making him the latest NFL player to throw shade at the NFL's drug testing policy. After NFL Thursday night's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, OBJ claimed that he's being targeted by the NFL through random drug tests. He claims that the NFL makes him submit to two drug tests a week. "[The NFL] made me come in Monday when we had an off day. Had a drug test," Beckham told Cleveland.com. "Made me come in Thursday after the game. Had another drug test. Every week, twice a week." The frequency seems a bit excessive. "Nobody is getting tested like me. I know people who didn’t get tested for five months in the offseason and I’m getting tested every time," he continued.

Beckham has also called out the NFL for scrutinizing his attire on the field. During a game against the Denver Broncos this season, the NFL instructed Beckham to change his cleats at halftime or sit out the rest of the game. The NFL rule book states that, "a player may wear shoes that are black, white or any constitutional team color, or any combination of black, white and a constitutional team color." Do you think the league is coming down too hard on OBJ?