NFL Hall of Famer Ray Lewis recently rebuked New York Giants star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr for allowing chaos into his life and distancing himself from God. 

When asked what he would tell Beckham Jr. if he had 10 minutes to speak with him, Lewis replied,

"Where there's no God, there's chaos," Lewis said during an appearance on FS1 with Colin Cowherd. "Odell has removed God from his life. This is a kid that grew up under the covenant of who God really is and everything that he's doing, he's crying out for help. We have a lot of people reporting about him, but it's always been the duty of elders to go back to help them, so that's why I raised my hand and I told him, 'I'm here. Whatever you need.'"

“I started to see he started to distance himself a little more and a little more and a little more. Listen to me. I don’t care about religion. I’m talking about a foundation,” Lewis said on FS1 with Colin Cowherd.

In an obvious response to Lewis' comments, Beckham Jr. took to instagram late last night to share a video of him and his family & friends praying along with a caption that read, "The foundation was installed at birth… we will survive and prevail… ALWAYS. God willing…”

Despite Beckham Jr.'s eventful off-season, which included several trade rumors, the 25-year old wide receiver arrived for the start of the Giants’ voluntary offseason program under new head coach Pat Shurmur on Monday. Beckham is reportedly prepared to hold out if he and the Giants, or any team, are unable to agree to a new contract extension before next season. As it stands, he's set to make around $8.5 million during the 2018 season as part of his fifth-year option.