Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the more colorful characters in the NFL and that was on full display Monday night when the Cleveland Browns wide receiver pulled up to the Met Gala. Instead of wearing a normal suit, OBJ decided to wear a kilt and sleeveless tux which had most fashion-forward people rolling their eyes. Some fans loved the look while others hated it, although we're pretty sure Beckham prefers it this way.

Perhaps something OBJ wasn't expecting from his suit is all of the fans who were questioning his sexuality in his Instagram comments. In today's day and age, men can wear whatever they want as a means of personal expression although sometimes that comes with uncomfortable questions about one's sexual orientation. Clearly, Beckham is comfortable enough in his own skin that he doesn't care what people have to say based on his fashion choices.

Today, the wide receiver posted on Instagram with the caption "Im scraight, thanks for ur concerns..." It's ambiguous as to whether or not he was addressing those claiming he's gay or those who feel like he's been sad since being traded from the New York Giants. Either way, it doesn't seem like OBJ is going to compromise for anyone anytime soon.

Just let the man dress how he pleases.