New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr was reportedly robbed during Super Bowl weekend in Houston.

The New York Post reports that OBJ had his jewelry, shoes and some cash stolen from a bag that he left at a friend's house, although some are claiming that "nothing pricey" was taken. 

Beckham was staying at a hotel in Houston for Super Bowl LI, but had left some of his belongings at a friend's house which was robbed. Whether or not the thieves new OBJ's stuff was there is still up in the air.

"A source close to the Giants confirmed that the star wide receiver was indeed robbed, but he said it was not a mugging at all and nothing “pricey” was taken. The team source explained that Beckham was staying at a hotel in Houston, but that he also left a bag of his belongings at a friend’s house. (As one does?)"

“He just had some stuff there,” the source said. “Shoes and that sort of thing. It wasn’t anything expensive — just some of his belongings.” The source said that the home was broken into and that Beckham’s stuff was gone."

Beckham did not file a police report after the theft.