Odell Beckham Jr has always been known as one of those football players who gives it his all on every single play even if that means getting under your opponents' skin. Yesterday, OBJ and his Cleveland Browns were playing an important divisional match against the Baltimore Ravens and were able to pull out an impressive 40-25 victory. Beckham didn't make too much of an impact on the stat sheet although he seemed to ruffle the feathers of Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey.

In the clip below, you can clearly see Humphrey putting his hands around the neck of OBJ and choking him while he's on the ground. It was a pretty shocking display which ended in the refs and players pulling the two men off of each other.

Just prior to this play, OBJ can be seen punching Humphrey as he was being covered. It's clear that neither player really likes each other and they were battling for position all day long. Despite only picking up 20 yards, Beckham Jr. had the last laugh. 

After the game, Humphrey apologized to Beckham although the wide receiver seemed to be more concerned about his lost earring. Next time these two play each other, it's certainly going to be a spirited tilt, especially if they're fighting for a playoff spot.