Odd Future's Hodgy Beats and Left Brain, collectively known as MellowHype, have been working on new music to follow up 2012's release Numbers, and they've already locked down a date: July 4th.

Undoubtedly we will see plenty of free projects dropping on the Fourth of July as rappers and fans alike celebrate Independence Day in the United States, however, this is the first one announced so far. Hodgy took to Twitter to reveal the title of the free album, which is strangely enough (or perhaps not strange at all given the duo) Ineedssomeanswers.

It's also possible the image Hodgy Beats let go with the announcement is the official artwork. Check out the image in the gallery above as well as Hodgy's tweet below.

Stay tuned for more details on Ineedssomeanswers, and sooner than later, some audio leaks.