The Odd Future brand continues to expand into arenas both likely and unlikely. They've got an expansive merchandise line, their own TV show, and their own festival, among other things. This latest move, an Odd Future radio station, isn't exactly unlikely, as obviously these are a group of musical cats. The crew has teamed up with DJ Skee's new DASH radio platform to host a 24/7 channel.

As Pigeons & Planes reports, the crew just announced the new endeavor last night. Their 24/7 station will be available via DASH's website or through their phone app. What can you expect in terms of music? "Our shows, our shit and music we like." Word is they will also host a live show on Tuesdays.

"Most radio sucks so we’re doing it ourselves. We play and do what we want," OF says. Will you be checking out their station?

Tyler, The Creator announced six new U.S. tour dates yesterday, to follow Camp Flog Gnaw.