Abuse in any form, be it sexual, physical or even verbal, should never be tolerated on any level. Accusations in that category have unfortunately been popping up incessantly in the hip-hop community lately, with UK rapper Octavian being the latest to join "AAA" —  that's "Abusive A-Holes Anonymous," minus the anonymity of course.

Oh, and he's definitely a grade-A student for all the wrong reasons if what his ex-girlfriend is claiming is in fact true.

Octavian Ex-girlfriend £20,000 bribe Abuse Allegations
Image: Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images for Acne Studios

As NME puts it, the ex (only being referred to as "Hana" at the moment) originally gave a statement last November that included multiple allegations of physical attacks with Octavian, even sharing footage from one incident in question. Timing proved to be everything, as the allegations went public a day before the Spaceman emcee was set to release his debut studio album, Alpha — his label, Black Butter Records/Sony Music, dropped him on the spot.

The allegations came back to light recently by way of a new documentary titled Music’s Dirty Secrets: Women Fight Back on BBC Three, who seem to be very invested in covering this given the fact that Octavian won their BBC Music Sound Of 2019 Award. Hana is interviewed in the doc, and she goes on record by stating, "They were offering me £20,000 to never speak on anything that’s happened in our relationship," in reference to the rapper and his lawyer. She continued by adding, "Never tell any publications, never tell any family, never tell any friends, never say anything bad about Octavian or his career, or anything at all really. Delete all photos, all evidence, all videos. Just act as if I never existed."

Read the full report over on NME, and you can also watch the Music’s Dirty Secrets: Women Fight Back documentary on BBC Three right now. As always, let us know your thoughts down in the comments section after peeping the clip below: