Odell Beckham Jr has been one of the flashiest players in the NFL over the last few years and this season, he has upped his game with some pretty incredible cleats and some expensive watches. Typically, OBJ can also be seen wearing a chain during his games but curiously, he refused to wear one on Sunday night. The Cleveland Browns and Los Angeles Rams took part in a close game that saw the Rams win, 20-13. Rams cornerback Aqib Talib was mic'd up for the game and based on a certain exchange, we know why OBJ opted out of his necklaces.

If you remember, Talib was caught straight up snatching someone's chain during a game and it's something he had tried to do on numerous occasions. In the clip below, you can see Talib and Odell talking to each other when the latter says "I had to not wear my chain tonight." Talib found that one pretty funny and knew right away what OBJ was referring to.


Talib has made quite a reputation for himself over the years and is one of the hardest corners to play against. The man never backs down from a challenge and he did a good job at quieting OBJ on Sunday.

Perhaps next week, the Browns superstar will find the courage to put his chains back on.