Obie Trice will be behind bars for a few months after he was convicted of shooting a man during an argument in December. According to WDIV-TV in Detroit, Obie Trice has been sentenced to 90 days in jail for shooting a man in the groin in Commerce Township in Michigan late last year.

In the days following the initial shooting on Dec. 6th, it was revealed that the victim was his girlfriend's son. The rapper had been charged on the day of the shooting with one count of aggravated felony assault of a family member with a firearm and another count of violating a protective order. The rapper was later formally charged with possession of an unregistered firearm.

As the story goes, the rapper and his girlfriend had been living together at the time, along with her son. The couple got into a heated debate which escalated further before a gunshot rang off and neighbors called the police. His girlfriend explained that they got into an argument when her son tried to intervene and Obie accidentally discharged his weapon, hitting the man in the groin.

Obie Trice is currently locked up at Oaks Correctional Facility in Michigan. A judge gave him credit for five days for the time served.