Oakland Raiders fans had reason to celebrate following Monday night's victory over the AFC West division rival Denver Broncos, but before the game The Black Hole was primarily focused on trashing Antonio Brown.

In case you've been living under a rock, the Raiders traded for Brown during the off-season but he ultimately forced his way out of town, paving the way for him to sign with the New England Patriots instead. Needless to say, Raiders fans wanted to make their feelings about AB known prior to kickoff last night. 


Naturally, there were many "Fuck AB!" chants and the burning of No. 84 jerseys, while others rolled up to the Coliseum with signs directed at "Antonio Clown."


The chants continued even during the game, as the Raiders jumped out to an early lead and held on for a 24-16 victory. After the win, head coach Jon Gruden made it clear that he never wants to talk about Brown ever again, noting that the Patriots "get their turn" to deal with him now.

“I’m never going to bring it up again,” said Gruden of Antonio Brown, via NBC Sports Bay Area. “That incident, whatever you call it, had nothing to do with our team’s focus or preparation. That’s it, end of story. Sorry.”

“As much as people talk about it. I mean my God, I feel like someone’s smashing my temple on the side the head,” Gruden said just minutes after saying he was never bringing it up again. “Get over it, man, it’s over. We were good in the preseason without him. We’re going to be fine without him”

“We wish him the best,” Gruden said of AB. “We gave it a shot. And now New England gets their turn. Good luck to them. But I just can’t deal with it anymore, sorry.”

Scroll down to check out some more footage and images from the eventful home-opener in Oakland.

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Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images