Oakland just became the second city in America to decriminalize the use of hallucinogenic fungi, better known as magic mushrooms. The City Council unanimously voted on Tuesday to decriminalize shrooms as well as peyote. This follows Denver's decision to legalize the hallucinogens last month. With the decriminalization of the hallucinogens, law enforcement groups are now being directed to put a halt to any investigation or prosecution of individuals who use or possess the natural substance.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images


Oakland's progressive move comes after advocates have been arguing that the plant has been used for years for various reasons such as spiritual quests and battling psychological issues. Additionally, law enforcement can now focus on bigger issues than a few people who've eaten mushrooms. 

Councilman Loren Taylor made it clear in an additional amendment that the resolution doesn't approve commercial sales or manufacturing of the plans, possessing of distributing in schools or driving under the influence. 

Councilman Noel Gall was approached by a community group promoting natural psychedelics got overall well-being, Decriminalize Nature Oakland and that's when he decided to introduce the resolution to the council.

“My grandmother took care of us,” Gallo said told The San Francisco Chronicles about the new resolution. “She didn’t go to Walgreens to heal us spiritually and physically, she did it out of plants we use as Native Americans.”