O’Shea Jackson says he's been making beats since he was 15-years-old, and after cementing himself as more of an actor rather than a rapper, he's now ready to officially make a mark in the music scene by way of production. The 27-year-recently chopped it up with HipHopDx where he said words from Chris Rock has inspired him to this day: “If the beat is alright they’ll dance all night.”

Of course, going into music was somewhat expected of him since his father is Ice Cube, but O'Shea's rounding up some close homies to drop bars on some of his self-produced beats. “It’s always within the arts that’s my go to and what I’ve been doing now is getting all the artists that I’ve met over this journey and just being cool with and I got a couple of ‘em to spit over these bars and we’ll possibly get an album out or a compilation,” he told the publication. “My man Method Man said he’d hook me up with a verse so I’ll make sure I get that done. I’m working with my homie Lil Dicky, my homie Big Sean so we’re definitely headed toward something real nice, and I talked to my mom so Ice Cube’s gonna be on it.”

Just because music is more on the forefront, it doesn't mean he's not still doing the acting thing. Having previously starred in Straight Outta Compton, Ingrid Goes West and Den of Thieves O'Shea is now set to star in Flarsky with Seth Rogen and Godzilla: King of All Monsters. For now, we're most looking forward to new beats rather than a new film.