These days, public favor toward the long arm of the law hasn't exactly been at an all-time high. This past week, one man decided to express his frustration with the NYPD by taking matters into his own hands. CNN originally shared footage of the bizarre incident, which found a man by the name of Courtney Thompson arrested after partaking in a drive-by dousing. Which is to say, he ran by a police officer and poured a whole bucket of water upon said officer's dome.

The incident, which transpired in Brooklyn, led to Thompson being hit with a variety of charges, including disorderly conduct, harassment, criminal nuisance and obstructing governmental administration. To make this matter even more peculiar, CNN claims that three men were originally wanted over a similar water-based attack, which transpired on Sunday, July 21st. Clearly, this is the work of a band of serial drenchers. Or worse, a real-life rendition of "the wet bandits."

Of course, that's not to say we condone this sort of behavior. Nobody should be involuntarily soaked, even if it is during a heatwave. Naturally, many across social media have been quick to point out the double standard surrounding the extreme reaction of the police department in doling out charges over something non-fatal. Regardless of where you stand, arrests have indeed been made, and anyone thinking of protesting by way of errant soaking should likely re-evaluate their choices accordingly.