In case you need another reason to demand less funding to the police force, it has been reported that the three New York officers that claimed they were poisoned at Shake Shack while on protest duty didn't actually show any symptoms of illness.

Last week, a story about a trio of police officers being "intentionally poisoned" with bleach after ordering milkshakes from Shake Shack circulated across the internet. Shortly after they were taken to the hospital though, an investigation took place and it was determined that the incident was not intentional. Still, the NYC Detectives' Endowment Association noted it as such.

Well, a new report says that the cops were never actually sick in the first place. They reportedly only had a strange taste in their mouths from a cleaning solution that was used on the shake machine, however, they returned and a manager gave them vouchers for free meals in the future, which they accepted.

Shake Shack NYPD
Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

A crime scene was set up at the location in question after the officers told their sergeant about what happened. The cops were apparently rushed to a nearby hospital where they were promptly released because none of them actually showed any legitimate symptoms. At the same time, a lieutenant falsely claimed that the cops started "throwing up" after drinking the shakes, which was untrue.

The NYPD is reportedly still reviewing the incident, despite there being no criminality reported.