In case you missed it, Desiigner recently found himself in the middle of a traffic incident, in which an altercation ended up kicking off. Tempers flared, homophobic slurs were thrown, and the "Panda" rapper took the old "when in out, whip it out," mantra to heart. Footage can be seen of Desiigner pulling out his junk and grabbing it like a hungover Walter White at the beginning of Breaking Bad season 3. The incident was certainly bizarre, and it's hard to imagine what was going through Desiigner's mind when he decided that exposing himself was a wise course of action. Especially not in the wake of the current climate, in which sexual assault allegations are popping up every day.

And right when you thought the situation couldn't get any more bizarre, TMZ has revealed a new development. Apparently, NYPD are on the hunt for a better look at Desiigner's junk, as part of their ongoing investigation. According to the outlet, cops are trying to get a subpoena from some private security cameras on the block, which might provide a better view as to whether or not Desiigner actually gave Timmy Turner some air. Apparently, detectives are hoping a better angle might clarify the situation, as the only video of the incident (thankfully) shields the eyes from any unwanted sights.

There's no doubt that being a cop is a difficult profession, but imagine being the detective assigned to this case? All of your friends are investigating serial killers, while you're stuck zooming in on a pixelated image of Desiigner's penis.