Pro Era's Nyck Caution and Kirk Knight have teamed up to form the group Nyck @ Knight, and they've officially shared the tracklist and artwork for their eponymous debut. At eight songs, the project appears to be free of bloat, which bodes well for fans of a concise, coherent listen. As far as features, Nyck At Knight's sole guest appearance comes in the form of a Pro Era posse cut, which should be dope.

Check out the artwork courtesy of Kirk Knight's Instagram below, and catch Nyck @ Knight performing at HNHH's Official Fire Emoji Live event

1. “Off The Wall”
2. “All Night”
3. “No One Seems to Care”
4. “Dial Up”
5. “Perfect Murder”
6. “Headlights”
7. “Audiopium” Feat. Pro Era
8. “Wake Up”