Nyck @ Knight Talk Favorite Duos, Hidden Talents & More

Mitch Findlay
July 21, 2017 17:04

HNHH sits down with Nyck @ Knight for an in-depth and hilarious conversation.

The camaraderie is strong in Pro Era's newest duo, Nyck & Knight. If you've checked out their eponymous album, you already know they've got some serious musical chemistry. After hearing them banter with one another like brothers, it's clear that their chemistry derives from an organic place. We had the pleasure of getting to know the duo as they traded questions, providing hilarious and insightful answers to all manner of topics.

When asked about favorite and most inspirational duos, both agreed that The Underachievers were deserving of that crown. "They're the only duo that has conscious bangers," says Kirk. "That is what they specialize in." They also give special shout out to a couple more duos, reveal a few hidden talents (hint: lemony shrimp risotto), and talk future plans.

Peep the entire interview above, and be sure to catch Nyck @ Knight performing at our Fire Emoji Live event

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HNHH TV Nyck @ Knight Talk Favorite Duos, Hidden Talents & More