A patron at New York City Bagel & Coffee House in Astoria, Queens filmed another customer intentionally coughing on someone after being called out for not wearing a mask.

NYC, Mask, COVID-19Paul Zimmerman / Getty Images

"I was at New York City Bagel Coffee House on Broadway and 30th Street getting my bagel and noticed a patron (pictured below) who was coughing, not covering her mouth, and not wearing a mask," the woman who was coughed on wrote on Facebook. "I politely pointed this out to the woman working at the store and told her that the store should enforce masks to worn by patrons while inside the store."

"The unmasked patron overheard my complaint and became enraged yelling at me calling me names claiming she has covid antibodies and doesn’t need to wear a mask in public so I should mind my own F’ing business. She then proceeded to come towards me and repeatedly cough on me as seen in this video."

New York has been one of the hardest-hit areas for the COVID-19 outbreak; however, things are trending in a positive direction. The city recently entered phase-1 of its reopening process.

"I will NEVER be going back to New York City Bagel Coffee House Broadway and 30th Street because they still served this woman and none of the employees asked if I was okay," the woman ended her post. "Plus Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company has way better bagels and kinder staff."