The Gothamist has learned that a up-and-coming New York rapper by the name of Young Ash has been leading a check fraud racket for some time now. The Manhattan District Attorney's Office announced the indictment of 6 individuals including herself, in connection with the check forging scheme, responsible for at least 52 fake signatures totaling $62,500.

Young Ash, who goes by Ashley Bautista in her regular life, is accused to being the bait-and-switch for the operation, by soliciting individuals on Social Media. Some of her online activities included posting misleading ads on Snapchat, and offering fast cash to to unsuspecting individuals in exchange for access to their check books and bank account information.

Gabriel Molina, the brains behind the operation, would photograph rent checks he would receive from tenants living in an Upper West Side apartment complex he worked at as a concierge. Under false pretenses, Molina would then forward those photographs to Fraylius Henriquez, whose role was to create the forgery in writing.

Justin Simon, Jarod Bailey, and a third entity known by the alias "JD Glasses" worked under Molina as runners, collecting ATM cards on the ground level. Law enforcement was quick to dismantle this operation before things got out of hand. Just last year The Manhattan District Attorney's Office thwarted a $2.5 Million scheme involving the same techniques.

Below is a link to Young Ash's Instagram and her SoundCloud can be perused right here, sadly under these circumstances.