N.W.A's "Fuck The Police" maintains as one of the most iconic politically charged songs of all time. A lot of what they say is still relevant to how police treat citizens today. However, it looks like someone has been trying to relay this message to police officers through their police radio system.

According to Otago Daily Times, someone's hacked police frequency in New Zealand and has been playing N.W.A's "Fuck Tha Police." Officers in Otago have had to endure listening to the song several times over the weekend. Whoever did hack it also played Rage Against The Machine's live cover as well.

Inspector Kevin Lloyd has clearly not been impressed with what's been going on. He told the newspaper that the move is putting many at risk.

"It was putting people in danger." He said, "There's no question that if it carries on and if they do what they're doing it will delay a response."

The first time it was played occurred on Friday night around 9 p.m. after police were called to a man pointing a gun at a motorist. The song apparently interfered while police were trying to coordinate.

The police have also said they're confident it wasn't done through a police radio but by other means. They say there are no police radios missing and to be able to acquire police radios would require specific chargers which would be difficult to have.

The risk of interfering with police radio frequencies can be punished by up to one year behind bars.