Last night, Twitter was in a frenzy when a nude photo leaked that looked like it could very well be Australian beauty Iggy Azalea and her LA Lakers boyfriend Nick Young. The NSFW naked photo, which you can view here, shows a white lady from the back with a black male poking his head out from the side, both of these people could easily be confused for Iggy and Nick. 

While the couple did bare some skin for a recent photo shoot with GQ, this photo was not one of them. Once the photo leaked, the lovers were quick to point out it was not them, and the owners of the photo also piped up confirming it was them. Iggy even congratulated the real lady in the photo (a Twitter user @KittenChloe), "if it really is u, props to u guys."

Other Twitter users also helped point of the fact that it's not Iggy, with indicators like the lack of tattoos. 

Nick Young simply stated, "that ain't me" on Twitter before adding some funny tweets like, "Y'all cold for that one lol...Y'all got my mom callin me goin crazy see what y'all started lol. Now I gotta sit here with the I ate ass face at cheesecake fac everybody lookin at me crazy (Kevin Hart voice )."

See the collection of the couples' tweets affirming the photo isn't theirs in the gallery above.