Actress/Singer Tila Tequila says someone is trying to leak naked photos of Diddy & Cassie.

Here's what Tilla wrote on her blog:

Somebody out there is trying to leak some scandalous photos of Diddy, in some compromising positions with one of his artists, “Cassie”. Now speculation has been going on for years that the two have been involved, as many feel Diddy tends to get involved with whomever he can, whether they’re a part of his label or not. But now, speculation can stop here, because somebody out there is trying to sell some pics that can definitely prove Diddy and Cassie were at least at one point an item, or friends/co-workers with benefits.

Some dude on the street is trying to sell some pics, speculated to be about a year old. One of the pics shows Puffy sitting in what looks like a steam room or sauna, with a virtually naked Cassie sitting on his lap, both wearing no more than 1 towel.. haha…

Then there’s another picture that shows definitely Diddy’s lips in a one-on-one smack down with definitely Cassie’s lips!!

Now, the legality of these pics are questionable, because the dude trying to sell them won’t reveal where or how he got them, which means, dangerously litigious material!!! So we aint effin with it!! We all remember what happened when those pics of Cassie’s cooter leaked on the net, Diddy’s legal team sent Cease & Desist letters to virtually every media outlet and celebrity gossip blog in existence, and yeah, we’re not trying to get one of those, so Diddy dodges a bullet from us :)

But for some other unscrupulous media outlet out there, somebody will probably pick them up, and we will keep our hands clean from that blood.

But don’t say we didn’t warn ya!  BUT WE DEFINITELY SAW THE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND OH MY GOD!!!!! THAT’S ALL I HAVE TO SAY!