Valentine's Day has come and gone, and you no doubt bought your significant other all manner of thoughtful gifts. Chocolates. Roses. Edible Underwear. Or, if you happen to follow the NRA on Twitter, guns. Because nothing says "I Love You" like his and her firearms. In a gesture that gives a new meaning to the term "side-piece," the NRA caught heat after retweeting a post encouraging customers to buy Valentine's Day guns. Granted, the organization swiftly deleted the retweet in the wake of the Tragic shooting at a Florida high-school. The original tweet came from a Yonkers based firearm manufacturer called Kimber Manufacturings, and has also since been been deleted.

One follower was quick with the print-screen and managed to capture a screenshot of the exchange. It began making the rounds, with many noting the insensitivity of the timing. Not to mention the strange juxtaposition between the heart shaped box and the guns resting atop it. 

CNN hit up both Kimber Manufacturing and the NRA for a comment but neither acquiesced. As it stands, the debate on gun control has once again reopened, as it often does after a shooting of this magnitude. The tragedy and the pleas of those affected have been having an impact on the masses, though it's unclear whether or not the powers at be will actually move for change. Either way, the NRA has no doubt won any allies over this Valentine's Day gaffe.