20 years ago today, hip hop lost a titan. Only 24 at the time of his death, Christopher "Notorious B.I.G." Wallace had already left behind a legacy of endless charisma, whip-smart wit, and a classic album in the form of Ready To Die. Just sixteen days later, he'd further cement his place in history with Life After Death, a nearly two-hour-long double album that was one of the few rap albums released in 1997 that came close to matching its predecessor's quality. 

Other posthumous releases, varying in quality and questionable guest and production choices-- did anyone really want to hear a Biggie/Korn duet?-- would follow, but it's those two enduring studio albums that most people remember (outside of posthumous hits "It's All About the Benjamins," "Notorious B.I.G.," and "Been Around the World.") Today, we're looking back on the less celebrated cuts, those that didn't appear on Ready To Die or Life After Death. Some were released in the wake of Big's death, but others have roots stretching all the way back to the start of his career.