You might remember Wu-Tang affiliate Christ Bearer as "that dude who chopped his dick off" back in April. Well, it seems the rapper has made a fairly speedy recovery.

After having his genitals re-attached and returning to health, Bearer is feeling pretty good, so good, in fact, that he's willing to look back at the situation and laugh about it. Performing stand-up at the Ha Ha Cafe comedy club in North Hollywood, Bearer joked about the situation, citing drugs, not suicide, as being the primary influence in his self-mutilation.

“One time I heard voices, the voices told me, ‘Cut your dick off.’” he says in a new video leaked by TMZ. ‘I said, ‘What?!’ ‘You heard me, cut your dick off.’ So I did. Folks I don’t care how high you get, once you chop off your penis you sober right the fuck up quick! So I just jumped out the window. I woke up, the paramedics were trying to find a pulse. I said, ‘Fuck the pulse! Find my dick!’ You can’t be Black, broke, and no dick. That’s like being White with bad credit, right?” 

Bearer acted as one-half of the hip-hop duo Northstar. The group's debut self-titled album was produced by RZA.