Lil Nas X announced last week that his "Old Town Road" music video would be arriving this week but it looks like little North West beat him to it! The five-year-old cutie has dropped off her own version of a music video that sees her dancing in cowgirl gear, seriously busting out a few moves to the chart-topping song. 

Kim Kardashian uploaded the video to her Instagram, with a caption that details how it's one of the activities she's been doing during maternity leave since her fourth child was born via surrogacy last week. "What we do on maternity leave.... Directed and Choreographed by North 🤠," Kim wrote. 

The visuals come a few days after Lil Nas X asked Kim Kardashian to send him the photo she took of him and Kanye. Once he received it, he posted it to Twitter and commented on North's face and how she looks to be displeased by his presence. 

Now that North took the time to choreograph her own dance moves and direct her own video, Lil Nas X is assured she's very much a fan. "Y’all really just made my entire week. thank you!" he said of the hard work had by North.