“My favorite part as an artist is just seeing how many different phases a record can go through before actually being done,” Normani explains about the creative process of music production. The singer must have been delighted with her collaboration with 6LACK based on this comment considering the changes her original tune underwent after he signed on to the joint. The pre-chorus to "Wave" was re-written along with some other lyrics. Listen to the duet below.

Ethan Miller/Getty Image

6LACK's contribution to the track is now her favorite part. Normani revealed some humility when she explained how she and her mother play the track on the look while making sure to fast forward to his verse.

“I really do try my best in terms of being in the studio to be as honest as I can be as an artist,” Normani says. “That's my only job at the end of the day, and I feel like that's what I did with this record because it doesn't get old. I play it over and over again, which sometimes I get annoyed with – hearing my own voice that many times. But this record, it doesn't get old.”

Normani has also commented on her studio session with Pharrell Williams. Read about her experience here.