Their "Wild Side" single continues to make its mark on the charts, and while fans have been enjoying the steamy Normani single featuring Cardi B, the trolls haven't let up since its release. Normani has been working on her official debut album for some time, and if we can expect more "Wild Side" energy, she's looking at a hit album.

A pregnant Cardi B made her nude feature in the visual and there have been several unwarranted criticisms from folks who aren't fans of the New York artist and have attacked "Wild Side" altogether. Cardi addressed the naysayers.

"Same people that says this sh*t is the same people that didn’t buy sh*t ,don’t request on radio, not streaming not adding no value or numbers to the song but opinions on twitter for a hit tweet cause hating but keeping up with cardi it’s what in," Cardi tweeted. Normani made sure to jump in to defend her friend and collaborator.

"Can’t imagine this record without you. THAT’S THE TWEET," Normani added in a retweet. She later followed up with a few more thoughts. "I don’t think you guys understand how harddddd this woman has gone for me," the singer replied. "You have been a champion for me throughout this whole process even when I was freaking out the night before releasing. God don’t play when it comes to His. we good sis. [raised hands emoji][praying hands emoji][crown emojijs]."

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