Candace Owens is seen by some as a pariah in the Black community, with her disrespectful statements about George Floyd and her continued support of Donald Trump serving as means to further outcast herself. Her recent comments about the LGBTQIA+ community during Pride Month, specifically her words about trans men and how only women can menstruate or give birth, has got people up in arms once again.

Drink Champs host N.O.R.E. took to his social platform to tear the political commentator a new one, ripping Candace Owens on Twitter and sharing a video of her speaking about trans issues, basically discounting the experience of trans men around the world.

"Really she is worse then my guest that we edited y’all need to relax," started Noreaga before going deeper. "So we can do Candice show and not be judge!!! She is the worse thing to happen to black people ever were u at sis can u say mark hates black people no u can’t say shit confusion is ya message. U can’t name 1 black person this women helped she is just as bad as slavery don’t worry I’ll wait for that same energy  @rosaclemente   @marclamonthill  she literally hates black people she not a legend only a coon freind of a coon let’s go keep that energy Rosa!!!"

N.O.R.E. wasn't done there. He continued by saying that Candace Owens is even worse for the Black community than slavery was.

"Sista Rosa how u feel bout this interview wit the KU KLUX KLAN!!! She ain’t even in racial chat rooms showing feet!!! Why do we give her a black form cause?????," added the rapper. "This is the most dangerous person in America she trying to kill us now not shit from 30 years ago now she wants us dead ya kids and parents @marclamonthill @TalibKweli @Mysonne @BunBTrillOG but we give her a platform @rosaclemente I need to know the difference."