If one were to poll hip-hop's graduating class, you'd be hard pressed to find a rapper more respected than N.O.R.E. While the platinum selling rapper has already amassed an excellent solo catalog, as well as the criminally underrated and potentially grimiest album of all time in The War Report, Norega has settled into his veteran status with the longstanding "Drink Champs" podcast. There, he has chopped it up with all walks of hip-hop life, scoring plenty of memorable stories from some of the game's legendary voices. In fact, his aptitude as a podcast host led many to believe that he had turned in the mic for good.

How wrong they were. As it happens, Nore has been hard at work on an upcoming album titled E5. News of the project has already started spreading across the Gram, where prominent hip-hop names like Nas helped raise awareness. Alongside the announcement came an accompanying trailer, which featured a first look at what we might be able to expect. Cameo appearances from Swizz Beatz, Nas, Fat Joe, Raekwon and more suggest a cavalcade of New York legends, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Stay tuned for the latest drop from the game's self-styled "Super Thug," set to surface on Friday, July 27th.