Noname, Smino & Saba Come Up With "Ace" Credentials On "Room 25"

Noname -  Ace Feat. Smino & Saba

  September 16, 2018 11:45
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Noname taps her friends Smino & Saba for "Ace."

Noname knows her new album is reaching the right audience. Just yesterday she announced plans to tour Room 25 across North America --  before long local promoters started coming out the woodwork with plans of their own, and thus was born a beautiful entreaty.

Room 25 is being lauded as a localized effort amongst friends, never more apparent than on "Ace" featuring Noname's buds Smino and Saba. Noname begins the 3rd verse by correctly handing the trio its overdue praise on a breakfast tray.

2018 certainly feels like a year where political unrest has provoked change in "our" cultural values. Within the context of rap: the trend towards lyricism is being ushered in with adherence to a better musical agenda than we could have hoped for in years past. Noname is an advocate for change, but also a beneficiary of its gradual momentum. Check out "Ace" and the rest of Room 25, if you have the chance.

Quotable Lyrics:

Smino Grigio, Noname, and Saba the best rappers
And radio n***** sound like they wearing adult diapers
And globalization scary and fuckin' is fantastic
And frankly I find it funny that Morgan is still actin'
Bruce Almighty, Aphrodite and Dominoes
Yummy biscotti, tamale, over mention my undertones.


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