People all over the World are starting to get behind the mini-movement spearheaded by Noname, Saba, and out of towners like Smino. The Three Musketeers if you will, represent the generation of hip-hop artists to make something of their fascination with the now-defunct Def Jam Poetry series. The trio first came together on Noname's "Shadow Man," only to reprise their chemistry on her latest Room 25 album, adjudged to be the highest in her class, based on a cumulative score.

Noname, Saba, and St-Louis transplant Smino all bring different elements to their confluence. Noname, who's only done the late night circuit once before, did so by amping up her shy-girl routine to the maximum. Not to mention, Noname has only produced one concept-based music video out of her entire discography. None of that seems to matter to the booking agents who've been ringing her up.

That's right, Noname and her two compadres Smino and Saba will be performing "Ace" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, on tomorrow's episode - her announcement coming on the heels of little fanfare, maybe to her liking. NBC managed to nestle her name inside a program guide without taking it to social media, leaving Noname with no choice but to promote herself.