It's crazy that Lil Xan and Noah Cyrus believe they have to air out their drama on social media for their combined millions of fans to see but alas, here we are. Xan has posted a video of himself urinating on his platinum plaque, accused his girlfriend of cheating on him, and now, it's time for Noah to plead her case. While the 18-year-old appears to be heartbroken over the situation, she's not letting her name get dragged through the mud because, in her side of the story, Diego was actually the one that was unfaithful to her.

We were rooting for them to stick it out but with this turn in the road, it looks like they'll be going their separate ways. In her response to Xan's reckless behavior, Noah wrote on her Instagram story that she hadn't seen him is approximately one week as things would continually get in the way. Then she finally noticed that he was posting up with a girl on his own story with hickeys on his neck, a telltale sign that she wasn't the only woman getting intimate with him. Obviously, she was pissed, writing, "Cheaters like to accuse their partners of cheating to make themselves feel less guilt."

Noting that she helped him through his dark times in the past, she's upset that he would stoop to this level in order to call things off. Cyrus seems ready to move on and while Xan continues to play the victim, Yung Bans, somebody that has taken issue with his antics in the past, dubbed him Russ Jr. because of the amount of L's he's taken this year.