In the new video from OVO sound, we get a window into the behind-the-scenes man that we all know–Noah '40' Shebib–and also those we don't know, namely, Les and Gadget. Who are they?

Well, all three are from Toronto. Les builds machines by hand and sets up all the tech in the studio. "My speakers sound better than anybody's," 40 says at one point in the video, "I've been to a lot of studios and no one's system sounds as good as mine, and that's cause of Les." The man behind the speakers appears wearing a full black-and-gold OVO tracksuit and yellow-lensed aviators, saying in a gravelly voice, "When I was a kid, my dad had a couple jewellery stores and I knew how to fix watches, clocks n stuff, so it's sort of like the mechanical taking things apart was embedded in me from the time I was very small." Clearly 40 thinks so too. "I don't think there's anybody else on the planet as smart as that man," 40 says as she sits at his Steinway, an ashtray and giant OVO ring sitting on the top of it. 

Shebib's praise doesn't stop at Les. He describes Gadget, a chill looking guy in a knitted cap and a Roots sweater, as the best mixer "on the planet." The praise goes both ways too, Gadget says doesn't work on a project "unless it goes through 40."

Watch the video below: