Clipse was one of the hottest groups in the 2000's. Pusha T and Malice blazed a path up to the top tier of hip-hop with immaculate production from The Neptunes and hard-hitting crack-rap lyricism. After enjoying success as a group, Malice decided he had enough of the crack-rap genre, changed his name to No Malice, and backed out of the genre. Pusha T pushed on, creating a solo career that has been more lucrative than his time in Clipse, while also being named the head of G.O.O.D. Music by his friend and labelmate Kanye West

Pusha T took shots at Drake on "Infrared," the evocative outro for his new album DAYTONA. Drake responded a day later on "Duppy Freestyle," boasting a quick turn around on top of scathing bars. Although Pusha T has yet to respond to Drake on a record, the G.O.O.D. Music head is sitting pretty high off the success of his latest album, and the response he received from "Infrared." No Malice opined about the back and forth between his brother and Drake on a live stream that was posted on YouTube by MreckTV. At about the 23:30 mark of the video, No Malice responds to the question, "how do you feel about Drake getting at your brother."

"I think it makes for good hip-hop," he responds. "This is an exciting moment for hip-hop, right?" No Malice doesn't go any further, and leaves viewers to guess about which diss song he prefers.