Adam22 - the founder of No Jumper A.K.A the Coolest Podcast In The World - is undergoing some serious allegations in his personal life and before they surface to mainstream media, he's taken to Twitter to speak on the accusations himself. 

Although Adam's lawyer has told him to "stop talking on Twitter" the podcast host shares a typed out note telling fans about a former girlfriend who is "coming out" saying he raped and assaulted her. 

"She has no evidence. I have plenty of emails from her that make it clear how absurd these claims are. You'll probably get to read them all in time," his note reads. "I've done plenty of stupid shit in my life. But I've never raped or hit a woman."

The note further details how Adam has been an avid Internet user since he was 15 years old and knows how it all works. He says he could have laid low in life and stayed as a BMX blogger but he made a choice to turn No Jumper into what it is today, knowing that "every story and bad joke" he wrote for over 20 years would be "used against" him. 

Check out his full statement below.