Adam22 or Adam Grandmaison, host of the No Jumper podcast, has been accused of sexual assault by two women who have shared their accounts with Pitchfork. The article follows various allegations on social media that began to circulate after it was announced that Grandmaison's No Jumper had signed a deal with Atlantic Records. These allegations were denied by Grandmaison in a statement where he said, “I’ve done plenty of stupid shit in my life. But I’ve never raped or hit a woman.”

One of the women, who chose to go by Jane, claims that she was assaulted by Grandmaison in 2005. Jane said that the two met on a message board and later met up in New York, where they went to Grandmaison's Queens apartment. Jane alleges that this is where Grandmaison made advances and the assault took place. "At first I was OK with it, but quickly became uncomfortable as it went further than I wanted to go," she said. "I told him I wasn’t into it, but he didn’t stop and became pretty angry. Meanwhile, I’m not a big girl, I’m 5'4" and Adam is well over 6'0" and a pretty big guy. I was terrified and froze while he had sex with my basically lifeless body. I was too afraid to fight back in fear that he would hurt me, so I just laid there in terror."

Jane says she told one person of the alleged assault who she thought could be trusted with the information. That person then reportedly told Grandmaison. “Adam immediately took to the public forum we were both members of and plastered my supposed ‘lie’ all over it,” she said. In 2009, Grandmaison reportedly refuted Jane's claims in a post on his blog titled "The Time a Girl Accused Me of Rape." Pitchfork reviewed the post through "She was letting me touch her all over and was making out with me the whole time, but she didn’t seem like she was really enjoying it all that much," he wrote. "How much a woman enjoys sexual activity is usually not highly correlated to how much fun I’m having though, so I didn’t give it much thought.” 

A second woman, who asked to be referred to as "D" in the article, said that she was assaulted by Grandmaison when the two met up in her hometown of Vancouver in June 2009 when she was 19 and he was in his early twenties. She says that she told Grandmaison she only wanted to kiss, but he forced sex acts. “I was like, ‘No, just stop,’” she said. “I was pushing him off me and my hands were pushing him, really just, barricading my vagina with my hands. Like, ‘No, don’t go there, don’t put your fingers in there, don’t go anywhere there, I don’t want that.’ And then he’s 6'4" and I’m like 5'3". I was like 120 pounds if that. He easily had 100 pounds on me. When someone is that big and they have the ability to grab both your wrists with their one hand and pull your arms over your head, you can’t do anything,” D said. “And if you try, it’ll just get worse and more painful. What are you supposed to do?” Grandmaison also posted about D on his blog, where he wrote upwards of 9,000 words about her and posted some semi-nude photos. He claimed that the two just "cuddled" when he visited her in Vancouver because “she was still pretending to not want to bang me.”

Grandmaison discussed D's claims in his interview with DJ Akademiks, which can be viewed below. He told Pitchfork that everything he wanted to say about the allegations is contained in the interview, according to Fader.

D has said that she decided to go public with the allegations after she was shown tweets regarding the blog posts about her. “I have nothing to gain from this,” she said. “I just want justice.” Jane is speaking out after she was contacted by D: “[she] reached out to me telling me that something similar had happened to her and she never stopped thinking of me and what I went through.”