NLE Choppa's Spastic Dance Moves On Display In "Untold"

Alex Zidel
January 07, 2020 14:50

NLE Choppa balls out in the video for "Untold."

Before he started freestyling, NLE Choppa was focusing on basketball until he dropped out of school in the ninth grade. Always getting into trouble for fighting, the Memphis teenager decided to channel his energy into music production, creating some of the hottest tracks on the streets and striking gold with "Shotta Flow." With some newfound recognition transferred unto his name, the leader of No Love Entertainment continued to tell his story with the release of his debut project Cottonwood. The 17-year-old is trying to ride this body of work into a high streaming position, delivering tons of content from it. In addition to the short film he released weeks ago, NLE Choppa has returned with a separate piece for "Untold."

Showcasing his skills on the basketball court, NLE Choppa's dance moves are the real star of the show here. If ever you've seen the teen performing, you know his movements are spastic and unconventional. He may just start jumping like a dolphin before rejoining his homies and mobbing out. Some of that activity can be seen in the video for "Untold," which takes place on a dimly-lit basketball court.

Watch the video above and let us know if you're rocking with the Memphis upstart.

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