The NBA has been solid in their vaccination stance for its players, and it has caused them to have quite the back-and-forth with Kyrie Irving. The New York Nets star has been shaking things up for his team after he made it clear that he does not plan on getting vaccinated. The NBA has streamlined its protocols, refusing to pay unvaccinated players who miss games because of their status, and Irving has seemingly become the face of NBA anti-vaxxers.

NLE Choppa has long taken a stance against the COVID-19 vaccine, and he shared on Twitter that he backs Irving and his decision to remain unvaccinated.

Kyrie Irving
Elsa / Staff / Getty Images

"F*ck all jobs, schools, and sport teams who are forcing people to take vaccines," the rapper tweeted yesterday (October 5). "When will we realize we are the need without us there’s no them. I don’t mind people taking the vaccine but for the people who refuses to take it how is it right for them to be jobless [red exclamation marks emoji]."

"Stand on it king @KyrieIrving [purple heart emoji][raised fist emoji]." Meanwhile, Irving may run into trouble in certain cities or states, as protocols are different from one place to the next.

NLE Choppa