Memphis rapper NLE Choppa and Atlanta native YFN Lucci were goofing around on social media yesterday when things took a turn. 17-year-old Choppa gained access to his friend's account and he decided to have some fun, earning entry with a secret password and successfully hacking his bro with a random upload.

NLE Choppa and YFN Lucci may have an eleven-year age difference between them but that isn't stopping them from connecting on a brotherly level. The two rappers were having some fun online when the "Shotta Flow" artist decided it would be funny to hack into his account, uploading a picture of himself without his shirt on, but still rocking a neck full of chains. In the shot, he's even sporting Lucci's "YFN" ice on his chest. Perhaps the 28-year-old was off in the kitchen, or with another guest when Choppa took control of his social media accounts. 

John Sciulli/Getty Images

"Hacced by NLE," wrote the teenager, playing childish games with his boy. The comments are mixed between women saying that the rapper is easy on the eyes and men confusedly asking why he would hack into another man's account to post a shirtless picture of himself. 

NLE Choppa has been on the rise for the last year, striking gold with "Shotta Flow" and continuing his success with "Camelot" and other singles. He's clearly getting close to YFN Lucci... so close that they share passwords. Nice to see he's making friends in high places.