Born in 2002, NLE Choppa is one of the youngest members of the hip-hop community. The budding superstar claims Memphis as his home and he reps it to the fullest, bringing that Southern twang to his sound and impressing everybody with his seemingly endless potential. It will be a fun ride to watch NLE Choppa continue to grow and expand on his catalog, already gaining a pretty substantial fanbase after the release of "Shotta Flow." His style is understated but there's one thing you can always expect Choppa to be paying attention to: his kicks. The 16-year-old may still be a teenager but he's likely got more money than the majority of folks reading this. Thus, here we are watching him hit up Stadium Goods to buy all the sneakers we wish were in our closets. 

Liliane Lathan/Getty Images

Linking up with Joe La Puma for the latest episode of Sneaker Shopping, NLE Choppa started talking about his dream of opening up a sneaker store in his hometown. "NLE Kicks, for sure," he said. "I feel like everybody needs shoes, everybody needs clothes so I feel like that's a smart investment cause, you know, I look at what people need." For right now, Choppa is focused on his music but maybe someday soon, we'll see the teenager at the head of his own sneaker empire.

At the end of the episode, his bill was revealed to be just over $3,000. He walked out of Stadium Goods with new pairs of Air JordanXV's, XIII's, III's, XII's, and 1's before picking up a clean colorway of the Nike Foamposites, the Kobe 1 Protro and a premium pair of Air Jordan V's. 

Which is your favorite pair from what NLE Choppa copped?