Congratulations are in order for NLE Choppa, who announced this week that he is expecting a child. The 17-year-old rapper is still just a kid himself, but he revealed that one of his wishes for this year was to have a healthy son. 

"I Got A Little Me On The Way Man," wrote the "Camelot" artist on Twitter, attaching a photo of an ultrasound. "They Say Choppa Just A Young 17 Year Old Kid Who Always Had It Handed To Em. But In Reality I Been Facing Grown Man Problems Since I Was A Boy. Ian Neva Been Open To How A N***a Really Be Feeling."

NLE Choppa

Choppa went on to speak about his plans for 2020, which include welcoming his baby boy into the world. 

"Everybody Love Entertainment Side Of Choppa They Hype, Dancing, And Turn Up NLE, But nobody know the day to day NLE. I Say That To Say This... It Ain’t Much Happy In My Life But Hopefully I’ll Learn To Love myself and receive the love I never felt before through my child. Only Two Blessings I’ve Been Praying For This Year Was A Healthy Son And A Number One Album When It Drop."

The first part in that is almost complete. Now, all NLE Choppa needs to do is continue working on his debut studio album. Congrats, youngin!