Countless women around the world encounter various health complications during and after their pregnancies. The complications may range anywhere from minor to life-threatening. During a radio interview with WPGC 95.5, "Don't Mess With My Man" singer Nivea revealed that after she delivered her first daughter Navy, she was left in a desperate condition. 

“I had a stroke after I had Navy, because I was literally eating salt out of my purse,” she said. “I didn’t know about the fluid retention and how you could swell your brain and actually cause your brain to scrape your skull, which is an actual headache, not what we call a headache — that’s just tension. So I went through that." She went on to explain that she was consuming incredibly high amounts of sodium as a combative measure against nausea. “I was so sick that I was tired of being nauseous and throwing up,” she continued. “And you know salt curbs nausea so I literally had a salt shaker in my purse, shaking it in my hand, eating it. But I got through that and I couldn’t breastfeed for a month, but I breastfed all of my children for a little while, as long as I could. I’ve learned a lot, child.” 

Catch a clip of the interview below.