Nipsey Hussle much-anticipated Staples Center vigil will be a tightly-guarded affair, according to a report published by TMZ. The Celebration of Life organizers have informed several levels of law enforcement to be on-guard come Thursday morning when the vigil is set to begin. Measures have been taken to mitigate the kind of chaos that erupted during last week's LA vigil. Cops say at least 2 people were shot during the messy affair.

According to sources conferring with TMZ, the security presence at the event will be staffed by a mix of LAPD personnel, Nation of Islam members and some of the employees that regularly work Staples Center events. The LAPD's will only be on hand to help the flow of traffic in the area, and reinforce the "hired muscle" if and only when called into action.

As for the violence that broke out at last Thursday's LA vigil for Nipsey, cops are still on the hunt for the person suspected of pulling the trigger. Nipsey's family is working hard to ensure that no further violence occurs on their watch, in relation to Nipsey Hussle's memorialization.

After being led to believe the opposite was true. would-attendees have since learned that admission is free of charge and absolutely open to the public. The mix-up was cleared up after the individual(s) handling Nipsey's social media posted a link with the requisite information.