According to reports by several sources, including the New York Post, one of Nipsey Hussle's friends has been pronounced dead after a shooting in New York. Arsenio Gravesande, a known member of the Crips, was struck by a bullet in his left hip and when police officers rushed to help the man, he reportedly cursed them out using his final breaths.

Officers had asked the 28-year-old if he had any knowledge of who his shooter was and with his last bit of energy, Gravesande mustered up enough to blurt out the following statement: "Fuck you, son!" The man's refusal to help the police identify his shooter came after five fatal shootings were reportedly recorded within twenty-four hours in New York. 

Gravesande was a friend of Nipsey Hussle, having been photographed with the late rapper several times during his lifetime. The gang member had a total of forty-three arrests on his criminal record and he was well-known to the police. After cursing out the officer, he was loaded into an ambulance where his injuries were not assumed to be life-threatening. Police hoped that they would be able to get more information from him at the medical facility. "Sometimes, they cool down and talk to us," said a police source. "They have a change of heart and ID the shooter."

Gravesande was reportedly pronounced dead after he went in for emergency surgery. It was determined that the bullet had struck multiple arteries in his body. No arrests have been made at this time.

Rest in peace, Arsenio Gravesande.