Nipsey Hussle is sadly not with us anymore but his music, legacy and strides he made for his community will continue to live on. Nipsey's former tour manager Jorge Peniche has come through to debut the billboard he made in tribute to the late rapper, that simply reads "PROLIFIC."

Sharing the photo on Instagram, Jorge writes, "Can’t believe I had to design this billboard in your memory. Your absence is still surreal. Just 2 months ago we designed billboards for our Victory Lap Grammy campaign that went up all over the city. I made this design with a heavy heart but with the detail and creativity you deserve bro. You did it like no one’s ever done it! A true 1 of 1."

The respected billboard is visible at Crenshaw Blvd and 60th. Street for all to see. 

In another post, Jorge details how he designed the billboard in a hospital delivery room just last week, where he welcomed his baby boy named after the late rapper. 

"Designed this billboard in the delivery room last Wednesday while listening to Nipsey instrumentals. I’m so grateful for his orchestration from above on this design. It came effortless and with piercing clarity!"

Jorge's hard work will not go unnoticed.