The death of Nipsey Hussle tremendously impacted the Hip Hop community. Since the rapper's demise, several have spoken of his deep community involvement and projects set forth to uplift the black & brown. Most recently, illustrious musician Jay Z penned a truthful and profound freestyle in honor of Nipsey which mentioned his efforts to purchase property and de-gentrify neighborhoods. Evidently, the latter has influenced many to look into real estate and community involvement.

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Of the positive movements which followed the loss of the "Hussle & Motivate" artist is the reconciliation of rival gang members. Prior to his death, Hussle intended to meet with the LA police department to talk gang-violence and strategies to curb it. Moreover, considering Nipsey's death was perpetrated by Eric Holder, a reputed gang member, the agreement efforts seem timely and may hint at an approaching overall peace in Los Angeles. 

According to Page Six, several rival gangs continue to have sit-downs in order to discuss possible truces since Nipsey passed. The opposing groups, which include the 8 Trey Gangster Crips and Rollin 60s, reunited in front of Nipsey Hussle's Marathon clothing store shortly after his death. The set was believed to have beef for almost 40 years and though many doubt it will last, the peace attempts remain noticed.

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Edward Scott, a former gang member, marks the multiple reunions as historic, furthermore stating: "they got to stand on the same square, not incarcerated, but on the streets, coming together." On the other hand, Nip's long term friend and Rollin 60s affiliate, Shamond Bennett shared with The Guardian: "It was one of the best feelings of my whole life, it really was. They welcomed me with open arms. That first handshake, and then them hugs, it’s like it’s real now. It was amazing. It was beautiful."